Allo Again, Allo

Hello Everyone,

After a loooong hiatus, I wandered back here.  So if you’re one of my regulars, please leave a comment and the magic may happen again.

Happy Trails,

G. Tz. ; )


Getting out of Dodge, a Cautionary Tale…

is here @ ChicagoNow.

Gail Chicago ; )

Not Your Average Dumb Animal…

is here @ ChicagoNow.

Thanks, Shalom, I don’t know how I got this to type in boldface and a bientot,

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Geraldo was Right as Rain…

here, now at ChicagoNow.

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A Little Advice for Job Seekers

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Thanks and be sure and tell me how wonderful it was!

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How I Flunked out of Krav Maga, a true story

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George Zimmerman: Current Poster Boy of Racism

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Thank you, Shalom, and a bientot.

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