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Mr. Charm Could Strike Again

At this point, predicting the next election is like predicting a coin toss; it could go one way or the other.  If Obama wore nerd glasses and had adult acne and buckteeth and carried his pens and pencils in a little plastic protector in his shirt pocket, he never would have made it to city dogcatcher let alone to the highest office in the world.

The truth be told, he is one hell of a campaigner who has style, charm and good looks oozing from his every pore.  But the proof is also in the pudding, and those things do not a good president make.  He promised to change things, and lo and behold, we are in worse straits than before.  He has increased the national debt by four trillion dollars, and the unemployment rate is hovering around nine percent.  And he has alienated environmentalists and many Jewish voters by reversing allegiances mid-stream and siding with the wrong side.

Who will get those four coveted years for depends on whether the GOP and the ever- nutty Tea Party are able to put their differences aside and show leadership, foresight and brains, which is proving to be a long shot.

Some say that his problems are not only the residue of the Bush era and this may be partially true.  They also say that Congress won’t work with him, and this may partially be true as there are those members of Congress that would make a group of developmentally delayed five year-olds at a Halloween party look mature.  But it could also be that some of his ideas were bound to boomerang to begin with.  Though as a caveat to Congress, they need to remember that it is the people who put them in office, and it will be the people who will take them out of office unless they start behaving better than the aforementioned five year-olds.

In the end, a win for Obama also depends on how many talk show appearances he makes and how convincing he is.  And let’s face it; he was pretty convincing the first time around.  But unless the GOP churns out one candidate that doesn’t make Daffy Duck look intelligent, then Mr. Charm could easily charm us into four more years.  If that happens, let us pray that his learning curve will have kicked into high gear by then because we’re sure going to need it.

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