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So Open-Minded their Brains Fell Out

Generally speaking, it is challenging indeed for anyone to make friends once they’re over the age of twenty or out of school.  That’s because there is usually an Olympic-sized pool’s worth of possibilities before compared to the wading pond that awaits later on.  But there are ways guaranteed to lose friends and land in the Molasses Swamp in the “Candyland” game of life.  One way is to sue someone.

That’s why I’m wondering what was up the Obama Administration’s craw when they decided to sue the banks that they bailed out with taxpayers’ dollars.  Is it their way of asking for a refund, or to drive the stock market down and put us all out of business?  Inquiring minds want to know.  The better thing to do would have been to put the CEO’s and other culprits on trial, sell tockets and televise the whole thing.

Then there’s that other guaranteed popularity crusher, which involves selling weapons to those with unsavory and criminal backgrounds, like the Mexican drug cartels.  It doesn’t take a strategist to see where it can lead.

But lo and behold, when the Obama administration sold weapons to the Mexican drug cartels under operation Fast and Furious, the cartels began using our weapons back on us.  Of the at least 2,000 guns that have legally crossed the border, at least 21 have been linked to violent Mexican drug cartel crime scenes.  One of the weapons was used kill Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry.  Never mind how Washington would do.  Kids who flunked the high school exit exam would do better.

Then you have the mother of all rules:  Never turn your friends into enemies.  He broke that one by asking EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, to withdraw the proposed new national ozone standards until 2013.  Who knows?  Maybe he intends on winning the election by gassing out the states with the highest pollution indexes and therefore the highest percentage of Tea Partiers and Republicans.

It all boils down to an expression I once heard:  Some people are so open-minded that their brains fall out.  It could become the moniker for our times.