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The Curt Knox PR Machine

Hell hath no fury like a Curt Knox PR machine.  The father of formerly convicted murderess, Amanda Knox, knew no bounds when getting his progeny’s murder conviction overturned in Perugia, Italy last Monday.  I can (sort of) understand a father going to bat for his child; I don’t understand how a father could be proud to raise a daughter who does drugs and sleeps around, though maybe I’m just being too conservative.

I may be in the minority here, but I believe that if little dumpling Amanda didn’t actually kill her roommate, 21 year-old Meredith Kercher of Leeds, England, then she was an accessory to the crime, as an acquittal does not an innocent make.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter, though common sense would dictate that a mother who was truly innocent wouldn’t lie about babysitters, keep her child’s death a secret or go out partying.  A truly innocent mother would be wracked with grief and despair.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted in Criminal Court, but most functioning adults know that he was guilty, whether or not the glove fit.

When the judge wouldn’t let them retest the scant DNA with more advanced technology, the prosecution knew the fate of their case was sealed.

But adequate DNA or not, I believe Knox is guilty because an innocent person does not change her alibi to remove herself from the crime scene once she realizes she’s in deep.  An innocent person does not give conflicting alibis that turn out to be false.  An innocent person doesn’t claim to be silly and spacey yet get a job to save money to travel abroad, and an innocent person does not wait for a grocery store to open at 5:00 a.m. so she can buy bleach to clean up the crime scene.

Now that the little dumpling is free, the prosecutor, Mignini is on trial most likely through daddy’s PR bulldozer.

I became suspicious when the headline to one story read, “Amanda Knox Freed:  Prosecutor of Perugia’s conduct bordered on the bizarre, observers say.”  (The “observers” were probably part of Curt Knox’s PR machine.)

The story then goes on to state how the prosecutor trotted out the satanic theory in other cases as well and that he is now awaiting trial for illegal wiretapping.  While he may have his foibles, it doesn’t mean that he was so far off about a woman who is so “innocent” she necked with her boyfriend in public shortly after her “friend” was murdered, who went out and bought sex toys and a vibrator (as a joke, she claimed) and who turned cartwheels in the police station before being questioned.  Knox said she doesn’t do well under pressure, but she sure seems to have straightened out when she realized the jam she was in.  They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Mignini was probably right here as well.

Maybe I’d better knock it off.  If Curt Knox or his cronies read this, the parking ticket I got last year morphs into a full on felony.

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