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Facebook and Sociology

I took the path of least resistance in college and became a sociology major.  Aside from stints waitressing and working in offices (nix to both of those) the degree came in handy on Facebook.   Even though FB forwarded my email to several friends and kept unfriending and refriending the same people, all has been good and blessed.  But I forgive them for any transgressions because of the life lessons I am getting from them.    

Life Lesson Number One:  You Never Know 

Try as you might to predict what will come of certain people, it is almost impossible.  The ones who I thought would be leaders of business are running new age shops and selling crystals. And the ones who I thought would be living in communes are the ones who have become the mercenaries and business owners.  Oh, cruel world.   

Life Lesson Number Two:  People Change 

Many former Adonises in high school, who I would have died for a smirk from, have morphed into men with spare tires and complacent looks.  And their female counterparts are not far behind.  Some may say that it was due to a malady called “adolescence,” but I beg to differ because many of the more normal ones never acted like they’d been stung with a hot poker.  Unfortunately, some of the more normal ones suffered some of the same damned slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but in a way, the evil ones getting what they have coming sort of evens things out.     

Three:  You Really Can Go Home Again

Connecting with people I knew in grade school, high school and college brought back old memories and helped ground me.  I remembered things I hadn’t thought of in years, the girl who lived in the wooden white house across the street from the school, soft down quilts at sleepovers at friends’ houses in the third grade, and the neighborhood gossip who was always mad about something.

They’re all there and they’re all alive once again.  Thank you, Facebook for taking me home again.  



  1. March 7, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Facebook gives me a rash. I let my RSS feeds populate it, and I don’t look in on it much. Keeping my blinders on.

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