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The Idiot Brigade off Greek Waters

Aye, the idiot brigade is out, and on the Fourth of July, too no less.  Except now they’re stationed in Greece.  They’re like airborne amoebas, floating this way and that.

The latest cause celebre is the flotilla carrying passengers and commandeered by an American that was headed towards Gaza.

First, let’s discuss the meaning of a flotilla:  Even if the crew says it is carrying bandages, cookbooks, nuns’ habits or whatever, it is really a ship carrying weapons to be used against Israel.  And that’s why Israel (and the rest of the world) must block them if we are to survive.

Its presence wouldn’t be tolerated near the waters of any other country.  If they pulled into New York Harbor, Obama would (hopefully) call on the Navy to send them scurrying back from whence they came, though he may also invite them to the White House for some hummus and tehina.

CNN has referred to the flotilla’s crew as “activists,” which means that the other news outlets will turn them into heroes, martyrs and humanitarian aid workers, but let’s cut to the chase here and call them what they are in nice terms:  terrorist sympathizers.

The news outlet featured some protestors chanting and waving their arms.  Funny, not one of them looked Muslim.  Maybe they never heard the word “jihad,” but the same people they are whooping it up over are the ones that would blow them up, given their druthers.

Thank you, Greece for calling a spade a spade and for spotting a flotilla for the ticking time bomb it is.

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