Being the humble and retiring sort, I’m never sure which virtue to extol first.  Tact?  Modesty?  The social graces?  Paying my credit card bills on time?

All I know is that I was born and one day grew into someone who first liked drawing and then writing.  When I was in grade school, I once wrote some snarky poems about some kids in the neighborhood and pasted them to the windows of our house after they were in the midst of spying through the drawn shades.  One read, “Lisa, pisa, you are queer.  Why don’t you get out of here?”  Another started, “Loren, Poren…”  I’m sure you get the general drift.  The next time they peered in, they got insulted and moved on.  And I came away knowing that it was a good way to insult someone, and the idea somehow stuck.

I’ve since graduated from poems to other literary forms.  I also don’t look like Ethel Mertz.  In fact, I am not even a blonde, though I do have hair, two eyes, a nose, a mouth and other distinguishable features.  Who knows?  One day I may even up and post a photo of myself.

  1. Kelsee Kinder
    May 27, 2011 at 8:48 pm


    It’s the customer service agent from Discover Card. I was reading through some of your blogs, they are very good. My favorite so far “Baby’s First Teacher”. I say bring back corporal punishment in schools and children will be afraid to act out, or at least threat it.

    It was very nice speaking with you this evening, or yesterday…whenever you read this email. You left a great impression on me and I hope the best for you and your writing.


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