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Adios, Dairy Farms

Next item on grocery list

I am swearing off of milk and all dairy products regardless of what kind of withdrawal symptoms I get.  I don’t care if I get tremors, hallucinations or night sweats.  From here on in, it is soy or almond milk purchased at my regular haunt, Trader Joes.  And here, people, is why.

According to a spokesperson from the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, California, cows in dairy farms do not exactly lead the happy, carefree lives that we see on those commercials.  In fact, the ones in dairy farms lead such miserable lives that they’d be removed from the home if they were minors or teenagers.  The calves are frequently separated from their mothers after birth, stomped upon and later made into entrees.  Like most mammals, the mother then looks for her baby for days and often cries out when she is unable to find it.  Because her udders mainly work when she is pregnant, she is impregnated again and again until the farm can no longer use her…

Apparently, this goes on at all dairy farms as well.

So from here on in, it is goodbye dairy farms.  Hello soymilk section in Trader Joes or a nearby health food store where a lot of liberals and hippie-types hang out.  I just hope the withdrawal doesn’t cause me to end up with delirium, blurred vision or speech.  If it does, then I will just switch to chamomile tea.