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The Top Ten Reasons Why the Duggars Should Continue Having Children

The Duggars

1. They make up for anyone who hasn’t been fruitful and multiplied.

2. Islam will have less of a chance of becoming a major religion in the U.S.

3. They don’t look like they will wind up in jail.

4. They will help keep the school system afloat.

5. The same for the manufacturers of Crayolas, shampoo and textbooks afloat as well.

6. They won’t wind up on Jerry Springer with any paternity suits.

7. They can form a softball team and advertise for local businesses on their jerseys.

8. They can form a marching band.  Go Wildcats!

9. They help maintain racial diversity in this country.

10. English will have a better chance of remaining the official language in these United States.


(This was written before the Duggars miscarried their last child, and the author wanted to offer her condolences.)