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Just Say “No” to Statehood

As of today, I take back most of the rotten things I’ve said (and thought) about President Obama.  In my darker moments when I’ve run out of hot cocoa and gasoline and when I thought that the lady at the gold exchange had cheated me over some chains, I thought that our president was going to do an old about face and agree that the Palestinians should have a state. 

The Palestinians for whom launching rockets at the Israelis has become a past time when they are not helping to increase the world’s population.  The Palestinians who turned synagogues into tire shops and launching pads on land that was returned in exchange for peace, and who hide behind their own women and children then claim that the Israelis intentionally killed them.  That bunch.   

If their Arab brethren are so eager to help them out, let them do so with open arms, hearts and Swiss bank accounts.  Many may live in squalor but they are the most well funded place to do so.  According to the Washington Times, the US gave 400 million dollars in aid to the Palestinians in 2010, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where that money went.

There is an expression that the helping hand is at the end of your arm.  Too bad they use theirs to throw things.

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A Palestinian State?

Should the Palestinians get their own state?  Let me rephrase that.  Would a normal person stand by while a match is being held to a bomb?  Then the Palestinians should not have their own state.

Are they going to get one?  Probably.  Will they change their ways because the magic wand of statehood has been waved over their heads?  When the King of Spain becomes the Queen of Spain, perhaps.

I once read that even though it appears otherwise in public, that the rest of the Arab world doesn’t want them nearby and doesn’t respect them much, though they do respect the Israelis for being tough, resourceful and resilient.  Being a Jew means you have to be those things.  Otherwise you don’t survive.

It would be interesting to see what they do once they get their “state” and how they would change.  If the current regimes and mentalities remain in place, then it wouldn’t be much.  Also, Israel offered to divvy everything up fair and square, but they didn’t want that.  They didn’t want their own state, they wanted the whole enchilada.  They wanted Israel, too.

But they are never going to get that because we will fight with our dying breath.  Otherwise we wouldn’t survive.

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