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Why I’ve Been AWOL

Dear Two or Three Readers Out There:

Excuse me for not posting sooner, but it is not completely my fault.  I am blaming my neighbor whose name shall not be mentioned partially because I don’t know it and partially because I don’t want to get sued for anything.

You see, what happened, dear readers, is that I have been using an unsecured wireless Internet connection.  Yes, I tried piggybacking onto another’s server   Not that I didn’t try and find who it is to offer a lump sum for services, but no such luck, so unsecured wireless it has been until this past week when it all bottomed out so to speak.

I tried logging in to the usual sites, to check my wordpress blog for stats until I thought my keyboard would implode.  I tried logging in to Facebook to see if I had more pokes and messages before the disconnect Charley message appeared.  Assuming that it was some sort of temporary holiday glitch while my subscribers went to Las Vegas or somewhere to make merry during the holidays, I awaited their return, counting the minutes for three days.  The midnight deadline came and went without so much as a friendly bar signal.  Oh, sure there was the regular unsecured site with its one lowly bar, displayed like a torn and tattered flag in the breeze, so I logged onto that and wondered what it all meant.

That left the dialup connection where I once exceeded the limit and had to pay over two hundred big ones in fees no matter how much I begged and pleaded with those heartless billing tycoons at AOL.  But that went nowhere fast, too, so it was off to Peet’son Ventura near the 101 Freeway and a mere seven-minute ride from my condo.

Hence, this and the following one are coming to you not from my small but comfy living room, as usual, but from Peet’s on Ventura near the 101.  Thank you, Peet’s and thank you 101, but no thank you to whoever left town and disconnected the Internet, though if you know who I am and happen to read this, could you at least contact me?  You may have a finder’s fee coming.

Your Faithful and Humble Servant in Blogging,

Gail-Tzipporah Saunders

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