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The Mother of the Year Award

Now that we are close to awards season, I’ve decided to list my nominees for my Mother of the Year Award.  And the nominees are:

Mother Theresa.  I’m aware that she wasn’t a mother, but she tops the list because she was humble and kind, didn’t mind letting others bask in limelight and wasn’t a total goody-goody.  Her diary revealed that in some of her more somber moments that even she questioned the existence of a Supreme Being.  Now if that isn’t integrity, I don’t know what is.  She also fed the hungry and was interested in more than her own stomach.  And believe me, I’ve met some nuns that would have given lobbyists a run for their money.   

Marge Simpson.  She got the nomination because she is kind, she had a sense of humor, she is assertive and never completely loses her cool.  She also embraces her individuality and is probably the only mother out there with blue hair. 
Sister Barbara Louise, an Episcopalian nun friend of mine who wasn’t a mother, either, but was as nurturing as a mother should be.  She listened when I’d come to her with one thing or another and often gave sane, rational advice, not always but enough of the time.  Besides, her good listening made up for any advice foul ups.

It all goes to show that you don’t have to be a mother to be a mother but that anyone can be one if enough time, effort and concern are put into it.  Thank you, amen and over and out.

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