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The Pepper Spray Primer

More powerful than deodorant

In light of all things considered (but truly because I’ve been having some mishaps with the stuff), I’ve decided to compile a short list of the do’s and don’ts for its proper use.


Do turn the nozzle into the off position when not in use.  Failure to do so may cause you to accidentally spray yourself in a body part or to shoot something else.  I accidentally depressed the nozzle and shot myself in the hand when walking the dogs to the vet.  It didn’t hurt then, but it sure did.  So avoid doing this at all costs.


Do wear clothes with spray-friendly pockets.  Don’t choose clothes with pockets that you can barely fit your hand in all in the name of fashion.  I did this when my mutts and I came face-to-face with a pit bull and it wasn’t very pretty when my hand got stuck in my pocket.

While I am on the subject, be sure that they are the right size and depth.  Shortly after shooting myself in the hand, I put some credit cards and my driver’s license (with an awful mug shot) in a shallow pocket of a jacket, took it on and off a few times, and when I came home, everything but the jacket and pockets had gone kaput.  I didn’t meet any pickpockets or funny strangers en route.  The darned things just upped and disappeared.  The only happy thought was that I could replace that awful driver’s license mug shot, but no such luck there, either because they only take a new one every five years.  So don’t fall prey to this one, either.


Just like a runner wouldn’t run into the wind, a patron of the pepper spray arts should avoid spraying the darned thing when the wind is blowing in his direction, or should wear safety goggles when so doing.

Other than that, everything should be just fine.

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