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Fewer Gun Control Laws Needed Here

What this country needs is not good gun control laws but a national psychotherapy program.  The laws we have only put the weapons into the waiting hands of the criminals, who aren’t exactly great at following the rules anyway, so about the only ones who pay attention and pony up are the law abiding citizens.

Having worked in a school system for many years, I saw enough up and coming suspects for “America’s Most Wanted” to add a special task force to the police department.  There were many kids with mothers who were more like buddies rather than a parent or who had multiple fathers coming in and out of their lives in revolving-door fashion.  Unfortunately, the school system is not equipped to handle them because they can get away with doing the bare-bones minimum and pat themselves on the back.  In many schools, there is only one counselor for 600 kids.  That’s one counselor to handle class schedules, grades, graduation and problems at home.

Plus the counselors that are in the schools are often about as equipped to handle any emergencies as Frosty the Snowman is to organize a luau.  I worked with one who had no idea one of his counselees was a twin, even though he had been counseling her for several years.  She later went to jail, had a baby and is trying to get her life back together.  Another failed to show up half of the time and wouldn’t follow through when physically present and yet another in a counseling credential program refused to report child abuse if she was tired.  Their counselees never even finished high school and Lord only knows where they are now.

But if these and other troubled souls had gotten good guidance, then the sky rather than the jailhouse would have been the limit.  Surely, the Virginia tech shooter must have been in a system like this when he was growing up.

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