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That Joe Paterno Should Have Support…

Once upon a time, college was a place for the more hoi polloi.  Sure, the lower class could also attend, but we expected certain behaviors from our college students, for we considered them to be the bearer of the torch, the ones who would produce advances in science, literature and medicine.  We did not expect them to murder each other, rape one another or riot when they do not get their way.

But those were the good old days.

Now they are just like the other barbarians who do whatever their cerebral cortexes desire.  The latest was a riot when Penn State coach for his role in the 2002 cover up for his now retired his assistant who was accused of sexual abuse.  Rather than going to the police, Parerno went to his bosses instead and for this, he was fired, though his bosses should have been as well for their role in the cover up.

What is shocking is not only that this man was allowed to keep his post but that he has any support in the community.  Yesterday night, thousands of Penn State co-bullies took to the streets chanting, “We want Joe!”  And they didn’t stop there.  They flipped over a news van and kicked out its windows to express their emotions.

Maybe it relates to the overall drop in high school students’ ACT and SAT scores, which could also relate to a drop in judgment.

Earlier in the day, Penn State quarterback Paul Jones told the Associated Press that Paterno wept as be told his team that he planned to retire.

“All the clips you’ve seen of him, you never saw him break down and cry,” the quarterback said, “and he was crying the whole time today.”

Probably because he got busted more than over any harm he caused.  Narcissists are just like that.  It’s their agenda front, line and center.  I don’t know what’s more shocking, that an adult would take advantage of others who have less authority and power or that he has any support.

Someone should take an MRI scan of these college students’ brains, provided they have any.

  1. November 21, 2011 at 7:31 am

    I think they’ve just given up and become football zombies!

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