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The National Shrink Program

Fuggetabout the GOP, the budget and what Kim Kardashian is going to wear to her wedding.  (It’ll probably be a white dress for the demure, blushing bride.)  What we need now is a national psychotherapy program with therapists that are normal and can do more than sit back in a chair and doodle.  Even a hothouse tomato would come to the same conclusion, if only it could verbalize and emote.

The proof is more plentiful than there are twitter feeds.  Marauding teens in Philadelphia and Chicago who have connected by tweets on their two to three hundred dollar cell phones have been organizing into mobs that maim and maraud because they don’t believe anyone’s going to stop them.  Their parents, not doing much for them in the past, may would barely be able to recognize them in a police line up.

In Chicago, a seventeen year-old mother to be walking to the store at night is shot and killed while her companion remains unscathed.  Her unborn child survives and is in critical condition.  She also has a sixteen month-old son at home.  Doing the math, this means that she was around fifteen when she had him and fourteen when she got knocked up.

Understandably, the girl’s mother cries, but where was she when it came to those mother-daughter talks about love and setting goals beyond being knocked up?  But now that political correctness has taken root, few even mention this.

In another case of parenting gone wild, three-year old Breeann Rodriguez wandered into 43 year-old Shawn Morgan’s backyard and near his swimming pool after riding her pink tricycle up and down the block like she always did.  The average homeowner would be alarmed and escort the child away.  But not Morgan.  He brought the little girl into his home, suffocated her and dumped her body into a ravine.  Later on, he returned home, dismantled her tricycle and threw it in after her.

He’ll probably get someone like Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, to represent him, so he can concoct a story about what a rotten childhood Morgan had or invent something about post-traumatic stress disorder.  The truth is a lot of people had lousy childhoods and no tree grows so tall that it touches the sky, as Dr. Joyce Brothers used to say, but we also have free will and not a license to harm and destroy.

Fortunately, he is being held without bail; unfortunately, he was arraigned in a bulletproof vest.  If there were ever a cause for vigilante justice, this is it.  But we control ourselves because it’s not politically correct to be cruel to the cruel because those with soft brains say it doesn’t solve anything.  But it does.  It isn’t worth rehabilitating people like that, it is fair to the victim’s family and friends and it saves a fortune on tax dollars that can be used for other things like the National Shrink Program and State Department dinners.  And it is more practical than using the money to buy pampers and formulas for unwed mothers.

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