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Y’all Pray for Delta’s Stockholders Now, Hear?

Saudi Arabia never was on my list of the top ten places to visit mainly because theydon’t have any kosher meat or bakeries over there.  So finding rugelach or kosher shish kabob would be nearly impossible.  Unless I wanted to smuggle some in.  I’d also probably wind up getting thrown in jail either for that or for looking suspicious or Semitic in the wrong way.

I used to work with someone from that country, who in a PR push said that they were hospitable to their Jews, though I didn’t think there were any.  Judging by their lack of synagogues, kosher bakeries and Federation fundraisers, and it doesn’t look like they’re interested in changing their demographics, either.

And so it will be now that Delta Airlines has partnered with Saudi Arabian Airlines and allowing the following stipulations.  In addition to the baggage limit when flying there, none of the following items will be allowed on board:

Stars of David

Anything in Hebrew

Jewish Prayer books

Prayer Shawls



Sponge Cake


Priests Collars

Catechism Books and

Holy Anointing Oil

Delta, an American company based in Atlanta, is going to comply.  Who they do business with is their business, and who I buy my tickets from is mine, the same for the rest of the people in a country that has prietes, rabbis and ministers by the dozens and a Christmas tree on the White House every year.

Someone should pray for Delta’s stockholders and soon.

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