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Land for Peace Again? Oh, Pullease

The experts predicted that Obama’s surge in popularity after bin Laden’s demise would quell like the waves at low tide.  And on the heels of his latest Middle East announcement, the experts were right. 

Now Obama is giving the old land for peace routine to the Israelis.  The last time they tried that, the Palestinians turned their vacated synagogues into garages and everything else into rocket launching pads.  So much for that brilliant idea.  

The bottom line is that the land was won in a war, though the president and much of the world refer to it as “occupation.”  For anyone else it would be “annexation,” even for the Hutus.  Though for the Israelis, and by extension all Jews, it is an “occupation.”  And don’t bother confusing anyone with the facts.   

If the president wants us to all get along, then he is going to have to try another tactic.

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