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My New PSA: Pet Insurance


Hello out there in Reader Land,

Several days ago in a fit of food, diet frenzy or Venus in retrograde, or something, I do not know, I opined about Dr. Abravanel and the Body Type Book. 

I said that that was going to be my first and last PSA.  Well, I lied.  It was not an intentional one, but something came up and I am going to have to do another one all over again. 

But if it can save one life, then what the hell, as I always say.  This one is a call to buy pet insurance, or any other kind of insurance for any kind of foreseeable disaster known in the free world.     

Because I have pets, I bought pet insurance.  And because I am neurotic, I have every other kind of insurance known to mankind.  I once even bought organ transplant insurance not only because I liked the salesman but because you never know.  Even thought I am planning on keeping everything in about the same position as where it started out, should something head south then I will be covered for that one, too. 

The pet insurance, came in handy and more than paid for itself when my dog knocked back a canister of raisins.  It happened after I cleaned the house for Passover and put an open canister of raisins in a bag in the closet.  It’s not the only thing that can be fatal to dogs.  Grapes, chocolate, onions and garlic can also have the same effect on them.   

The raisin scent must have been too much for him, because a few hours later, he helped himself to a few cups full.  Fortunately, I came home and found him with his nose in the can and called the after hours vet who told me that my window of opportunity was small and to get him down there right away. 

They held him overnight, and part of the next day, and the bill came out to around $1,200.00.  Ordinarily, I would have felt like committing Harry Carry over such an amount or not eating for the next two weeks.  But because I have insurance, I didn’t get as faint as I might have.  The dog, however, is just fine.   

It pays to be prepared for any incoming disaster by having working flashlights with batteries that haven’t corroded, granola bars that haven’t passed their expiration date, reasonable looking underwear, pet insurance and some more.  Thank you, amen, and over and out.

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