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The Light at the End of that @#$$!! Tunnel

This economy is like a virus.  First, everyone else was catching it, and now it’s made its way to my house, my space, my bank account and the very crux of my very blogging being.

When I retired several weeks ago after years of indentured servitude in a school district, I thought I had everything in order.   Scratch that.  I only had some things in order. 

It turns out there were holes in my plans the size of the Federal Reserve.  And that is that even with a retirement professional, I added when I should have subtracted, lost a decimal or two somewhere and everything spun arund and turned black.

So I now have to join the hoards and look for a job, a job, and after all these years!  So let me tell you what I have discovered in my forty-eight hours of being a job hunter.  What they say is true.  It ain’t so easy.

My first step was doing what those career gurus tell you to do in career books – network.  So I called, texted or emailed everyone I know, ever have  known and who I saw on Facebook, which all led to the perfunctory, “I’ll keep you in mind.” 

Then, against said gurus’ better advice, I went on the Internet and began typing in sites like crazy.  Certain things like like munitions plants, nuclear energy and heating and air conditioning supply stores, or anything where I could drop a heave piece of machinery on my foot. were exempt. 

Otherwise, it was an open field.   

Sears has openings, for anyone interested.  So does Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom and Macy’s.  Fresh and Easy, you can forget.  Either that, or I couldn’t navigate my way through their site. 

I also soldiered on down to an employment agency and learned that I know my grammar, can sort of file but am a lousy typist and that a tomato could absorb more in the computer department.   

Although the career honchos frown on it, I also went through the help wanted ads and found what looked like a real peach of a job and sent an email.  Bupkes.  I called the company, and the receptionist told me to send another one.  This time, I got an email back asking about my experience in that field.  So we were making progress.  Though he never wrote back, so we weren’t making progress.  It’s been the same with a lot of them.  Next, I am thinking about climbing up the ledge, hanging on by my fingernails and looking through the window and begging for an interview, although I don’t want to look too intrusive. 

The only things that help are my mother, who keeps talking about fate and such, and a friend who sent me an email about Colonel Sanders’ recipes being rejected the first 1,000 times until 1,001 hit and became the chicken that laid the golden egg. Those people and networking.  Network like crazy.  I asked a neighbor where she works, and she told me to check out the website from her company.   

Who knows?  There may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  There always is.  It’s just getting through the damned tunnel.

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