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Getting Through the Moment

I know that no one gets out of this alive and that every beginning has an end.  I only wish that some people wouldn’t end so abruptly.  I wish they’d get old and die or that they would drive the rest of us crazy before exiting the way some people do. 

But I wish they would have come to me beforehand and told me how they were feeling.  Maybe I could have talked to them or gotten them to see that their problems were only temporary and that there would have been a tomorrow, which would have been better than today.  It wouldn’t have mattered that I didn’t know either one very well.  At least I could have tried. 

One was a former classmate, a real card who was smart and athletic and always ready with a joke.  No one knew that beneath all that laughter and joking beat a bruised heart.  There was no way I could have known.  I was only a kid when I knew her. 

The other one was a man I’d met once or twice at a friend’s house who I thought was handsome and smart and self-assured.  If only I knew. 

Most people have moments when the darkness and despair is so great they wonder how they’re going to get through, and they think that things are never going to change.  I’ve had them, too.  Almost everyone does. 

I befriended the man’s mother afterwards and told her not to blame herself because he had a moment that he couldn’t get through.  And if he had or had just reached out and called someone, then maybe he’d still be here.  

I didn’t know either one very well and hadn’t seen one in years.  But if I could have, I would have told them that maybe the next best thing, the next best love, the next best friend, or some way that their kids were going to make them proud could be waiting around the corner, and that they will hurt those who love and care about them by their actions because things change and will get better. 

But first it is about getting through the moment.

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