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Oh, Wisconsin, Oh, Boy


Little do we know the faint stirrings beating in the hearts of some politicians after Election Day.  We trust them with our tax dollars, and they spend it on solid gold faucets and luxury cruises.  We hope that they are in the office working, and they pose shirtless looking like Tarzan about to beat his chest and send the shot to a woman on Craigslist who thinks that Tarzan is single.  They are supposed to do our bidding, and they sometimes do the bidding of the Koch brothers. 

Lately it’s been those Wisconsin Republicans.  When the good, and perhaps disgruntled, citizens of that state elected Scott Walker and other Republican yahoos to represent them, they had no idea they’d be out in the cold protesting and holding placards at the capitol building three short months later.

Now, I have nothing against Republicans because I registered as one myself.  But trying to break the backs of the unions is something up with which we should not put.  Clearly Governor Scott Walker is either crazy, fell in love with his reflection while looking in Lake Mendota or has been spellbound by the Koch brothers, who’ve poured millions into his campaign war chest on the road to becoming our next president, or so he thinks.  And why wouldn’t the billionaire brothers help having embraced the phrase, “He who dies with the most toys wins?” a la their future factories in Wisconsin.         

David H. Koch and his brother, Charles own oil refineries in Texas, Alaska and Minnesota, 4,000 miles of pipelines and the companies that produce Brawny paper towels, Dixie paper cups, Georgia lumber, Stairmaster carpets and Lycra.  They clearly aren’t any slouches; but their politics also make Stalin look like Smiling Jim.     

So not having enough toys, they want to break the backs of the unions while standing on the laborers’ backs.  A little recall, anyone?

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