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Smarter than the Average Bear

I have a theory about education after spending years in that environment.  Even the average bear could get a degree provided he has a social security card and a current mailing address.

The theory took root after hearing about the hospital patient whose surgeon amputated the wrong leg.  It blossomed after reading about the man whose stomach pain after surgery was caused because someone left a sponge in his stomach that had to be retrieved. And it was confirmed when a medical student, who didn’t really want to be a doctor and referred to himself in the third person, was in the program because his father had donated huge sums of money to the school.  Hopefully, he ran off to join the circus or was carted off by a band of gypsies before graduating.

But the main area where my average bear theory springs forth is with social workers and others of that ilk.  The fact that that the flunk out rate in these programs is nil considering what some of their graduates do speaks volumes.  During my teaching days, I once called the Department of Children and Family Services after a child in my class said that his uncle was smoking dope in front of him.  The caseworker asked me if the uncle ever offered the boy any.  When I said I didn’t think so, he refused to investigate.  Maybe he could have helped because a few weeks later, the boy was sent to jail for assaulting another child.

Had Florida caseworker, Andrea Fleary been in the right job, then maybe ten year-old Nubia Barahona would still be alive and her twin brother, Victor, wouldn’t be hospitalized with severe chemical burns.  Days before their final attack, the seven year-old granddaughter of Jorge and Carmen Barahona, who were the twins’ foster parents, told an adult that her grandparents were keeping the brother and sister in the bathroom and that they sometimes kept Nubia in the bathtub all day as punishment.  Four days after Child Protective Services had been contacted, caseworker Andrea Fleary went to the home.  Covering for her husband, Carmen Barahona said that she and her husband were separated and that she didn’t know where the twins were.  Fleary never bothered interviewing the other children in the house because it was 9:00 on a Friday night.  She should be charged with negligence and as an accessory to child abuse.

The stories go on.  The grade school boys who complained that they were being sodomized by their grandfather, a sergeant in the Chicago Police force who lived with them.  A school social worker called home to question the grandfather, but he and his wife denied it, so she sent them home for the weekend.  The Elizabeth Smarts and the Jaycee Dugards of the world and the caseworkers who failed to look for them in the right places.

These people aren’t smarter than the average bear because the average bear would do better.

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